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Bettie Blackmon, APRN

Bettie is dedicated to her patient’s well-being and is pursuing further study in health and lifestyle choices.  She also serves as the Assistant Clinical Director over School Clinic Services and has recently relocated to Clinton Middle Health Center.

Ginger Hunt, APRN

Ginger Hunt is the founder and CEO of Primary Care Providers for a Healthy Feliciana, Inc.

John Gary Chaney, PMHNP-BC, DNP

Gary is a Board Certified Psychiatric Mental Health Nurse Practitioner. He is also the Assistant Clinic Director for Behavioral Health Services.

Darie Gilliam, APRN, DNP

Dr. Darie S. Gilliam, DNP, has been the Clinical Director for PCPFHF for the past 14 years.

Judy Baker, APRN

Judy is board certified by the American Academy Nurse Practitioners and serves as the Assistant Clinical Director for Medical Services.

Will Dart, APRN

Will is certified nurse practitioner currently work as a  PRN with RKM Primary Care.

Christy Denicola, LCSW

Christy brings 12 years of experience working with children and adults.


Shenita Paynes, APRN

Prior to coming to work for RKM Primary Care in 2011, Shenita worked as a registered nurse for over 7 years in Endo, Cardiovascular, and Home Health.

Cynthia Hall, APRN

Cynthia Hall joined the RKM family in Oct 2009 at Slaughter Health Clinic and has felt at home since.

Adam Town, DDS

Dr. Town has practiced as a full-time staff dentist at the RKM Dental Clinic since 2005. He also serves as the Dental Director.

Allison Coleman, LCSW

Allison likes the school based clinic that allow her to see the students in their daily environment.


Wynette Karno

Wynette helped start the PCPFHF Dental Program and is dedicated to improving access to care.

Susan Herrod, LCSW

Susan is a Board Certified Social Worker. She has been employed with RKM since October, 2011.

Shannon Norris, LCSW

Shannon splits her time between RKM Primary Care and the Child and Adolescent Services Center in Baton Rouge.


Betty Altman, DDS

Kristi Hill, RDH

Angela Honora, APRN

Dr. Phillip Griffin, DDS

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Our Mission is to operate and maintain nonprofit primary care, patient centered medical homes that provide coordinated care encompassing the whole person – physical, mental and spiritual.


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