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Children grieve differently than adults do. Because children are less able to express their feelings, their pain may go unnoticed by family members and loved ones. When a teen experiences a loss, an additional burden is added to his/her already complex life. However, a child’s unresolved grief can have profound effects. Later in life, unresolved grief can lead to difficulties with trust and problems with intimate relationships. Substance abuse and dependency problems can sometimes result from a person’s inability to fully cope with an early loss experience. The children and teens we work with have lost a loved one through an accident, illness, homicide, or suicide. Many children suddenly feel different from their friends, and all family members feel isolated by their loss. We prefer to meet with children and their family members as soon as possible following the death. We have found that early intervention diminishes the severity of trauma and increases the ability of families to positively cope with their loss. We also want children and caregivers to meet other bereaved families and learn that they are not alone. Our bereavement program includes counselor facilitated peer groups for children and adolescents, with concurrent groups for caregivers. Through discussion, art projects, books, and shared experiences, the sessions provide all participants with opportunities to express their feelings and begin the process of deal with their loss. Our primary goal is to meet the unique needs of each family who comes to us for services. We strive to help families learn to support each other throughout the grief process.

  • A CABS counselor will schedule and conduct an initial intake with the parent or guardian.
  • A collaborative evaluation of child/family needs will be discussed in order to make recommendation for group and/or individual counseling for the child and family members.


Bereavement Services

  • Individual Counseling
  • Family Counseling
  • Group Counseling

Community Outreach

  • Bereavement services for children are provided to schools and community organizations.
  • Postvention services are provided for newly bereaved children and families.
  • Holiday parties and seasonal activities for children and families
  • Training and consultation for community agencies and organizations
    • Grief counseling for children and adolescents
    • Working with families who have experienced trauma
    • How to talk to children about suicide and homicide
    • Play therapy interventions
    • Crisis interventions: helping children and teens tell the details for their experiences
    • Single parenting after a death
    • Grandparents raising grandchildren


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