The Winning Weigh

The next session of The Winning Weigh is scheduled to begin March 3, 2014. Deadline for registration is February 17, 2014. The registration fee is $15 plus the cost of the required physical and lab work. Insurance will be billed for these services.

In 2013, The Winning Weigh met every Thursday for two hours at RKM Primary Care. The Program lasted eight weeks. A team of our staff volunteered time after their work to lead the groups and included: three APRNs (Bettie Blackmon, Shenita Paynes, Coleatha Fowler), a dietitian (Tara DeLee), and an AmeriCorps member (Jim Jin). The program included classes that taught and promoted healthy life style changes in the participant’s nutrition and fitness levels along with peer support groups led by the staff. Participants were given weekly nutrition and exercise challenges that built up to the recommendations of USDA’s MyPlate (dietary guidelines) and America OnThe Move’s weekly steps. Additionally, participants learned from a cooking demonstration led by the dietitian and came back the following week with their own healthy dishes for the group to sample at the concluding meeting.

The demographics of the group were the following:
– Majority were females
– Majority were black/African American/Afro-Caribbean (initial rates were approximately 70% blacks, 30% whites)
– Ages ranged from 19-73, with most participants in their 30’s-40’s

Our program had 35 participants enroll in the program. The following is the data that was collected from 16 that had returned for their 2nd weigh-in, taken at week 7 of the program:
– Overall percent change in body weight (measurements taken in lbs): -6.4%
– Overall percent change in waist size (measurements taken in inches): -5.1%
– The top 5.975% decrease in body weight, losing 12.2 lbs over 7 weeks or about 1.7 lbs/week.
– Nearly all participants that came in for their 2nd measurements saw some reduction in either their weight or waist line. Everyone who lost weight, averaged a reduction of 1-2 lbs/week, a healthy rate according to the CDC.
One participant served as a mentor for a few sessions to children participating in the Be Fit and Health Wise program.

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