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School-Based Behavioral Health Services

Our goal is to enhance the support of children and families by providing qualified, licensed therapists within the school setting. All students will have access to these services through referral and parental consent. We accept most private insurance and Medicaid. A sliding fee scale is available to those who qualify.

  • How does this service work?
    The therapist will work with the administration, faculty and staff, families and most importantly, the students, to provide counseling services and address behavior concerns. The therapist will: - obtain appropriate consent from parent/guardian to work with the child - conduct screening and assessment - design an appropriate treatment plan to meet the student's needs - collaborate with other providers as needed to ensure comprehensive care - make referrals to other resources as appropriate
  • What services are available?
    - Biopsychosocial assessment - Crisis prevention and intervention - Mediation - Individual counseling - Family counseling and support - Small group therapy - Parent and teacher supports
  • What issues may be addressed?
    The therapist will provide prevention, intervention and crisis response tailored to the student's needs and may address: - academic achievement - anger management - bullying - conflict resolution - coping with stress - divorce - family dynamics - grief & loss - medical concerns - mental health - misbehavior - parenting - relationships - social skills - substance abuse - school avoidance/tardiness - truancy
Childs Pyschologist
School Kids
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